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  1. Camp Ker-Anna held its Annual Bake & Festival this past Sunday, August 2nd in Cumberland, RI.    This Bake and Festival is held every year as a fundraiser for the not-for-profit camp.  It is actually the only fundraiser held to benefit the camp. The funds raised help to keep the camp beautiful and affordable for campers. […]

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    Making exercise a part of your daily routine can benefit both your mental and physical wellness. However, when the temperature soars, you could fall victim to heat exhaustion, dehydration, and blistering sunburn. The following information offers tips on how to work out safely this summer. Apply Sunscreen Sunscreen should be a regular part of your […]

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    It is common knowledge that certain factors affect the cost of your car insurance. We know that age and driving record play a major role in your insurance premium. However, many people are surprised to discover that where they live is also an important factor. Check out the video below where we ask the question, “Does Where […]

  4. Every month we feature one of our partners to be our Partner of the Month. This month we chose Catanzaro & Sons Painting, Inc.  They specialize in residential and commercial painting and are conveniently located in Barrington, RI. The owner, Hank Catanzaro, has been painting and renovating homes for over 30 years. Although the company specializes in painting, […]

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    This Sunday in Rhode Island we celebrate Governor’s Bay Day. It is the one day every summer that all of the state beaches are free! There is no charge for parking and many fun family activities are happening throughout the day. For a complete list of beaches and activities, click here. We figured this would be […]

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    Last week our video blog answered a common insurance misconception, that installing a pool on your property will increase the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. (To View This Blog Click Here.)  That blog was so well received that it actually was the source of  this week’s question, “Is My Swimming Pool Covered Under My Homeowner’s […]