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two children preparing to go back to schoolThe summer has flown by and it’s time for the kids to return to school. After such a long break you’ll want to do what you can to ease the transition. Here are 10 back to school tips for parent to improve the experience.

Visit the School

Most schools offer an open house. Take your child with you so they get a lay of the land, meet their teacher, and see what the school has to offer. It goes a long way towards easing those first day jitters.

Reconnect Friends

Kids often wonder whether they’ll have to face new classes alone. Encourage your child to reconnect with last year’s classmates, or call their parents and get the kids together before classes begin.

Provide the Tools

Schools usually provide a shopping list well before classes so you can buy supplies. Bring your child along, check things off the list, and let them pick out something special like a notebook or pen so they’re excited about returning to school.

Reset Sleep Clock

Sleep and wake times during the summer differ greatly than during the school year. Get your kids up early every morning for at least a few days before classes start. When school starts, it will already be a routine.

Consider Nutrition

Most households forego the usual schedule in the summer for a more relaxed lifestyle. Consequently, you may not eat meals and snacks at prescribed times. However, as your children approach their return to school, re-establish regular eating patterns.

Ensure they have breakfast, lunch and snacks in between. Hit the grocery store and stock up on nutritious items for your children to take with them when they return to school too.

Don’t Review At Last Minute

Absolutely do have your kids read and write before classes start so they re-stimulate their brains. Continual learning throughout the summer is great.

However, suddenly reviewing last year’s curriculum just before the new school year causes stress and anxiety. Review things they’ve forgotten later, after the pressure of the new school year is off.

Set a Homework Routine

Discuss what you expect from your children before classes start. For instance, do they need to do their homework right after school or just before dinner? Can they watch TV, play video games, or visit with friends when they have homework?

Smartphone & Social Media

Most children have access to smartphones today, but you’ll probably want to restrict usage while doing homework and after a certain hour in the evening.

You’ll also want to let your child how you expect them to behave on social media. It protects them from potential problems, especially when you periodically review their posts and let them know you’ll do so.

Find Middle Ground

It’s fine for parents to set academic goals for their children, but what if they don’t resonate with them? Are they likely to do their best if they feel they’re too ambitious?

For instance, telling your child you want them to get straight A’s puts plenty of pressure on them before they even do their work. Discuss how they did in the class last year and agree on a minimum grade instead. If they surpass it, reward them. If they don’t meet it, look for solutions.

Give Them Space

Don’t focus all your energy on discipline and routine. Give your kids time to get together with friends, blow off steam, and discuss their challenges. Of course, school comes first, but cut them some slack so they can unwind too.

Everyone wants their kids to succeed, so do your part and then help them do theirs. If you follow these helpful tips, you’ll make it easier for your children to learn and it will make your life a whole lot easier too.


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