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How often do we all start of the new year with a long list of resolutions, only to abandon them a month or two later? Here are a few common New Year’s resolutions that most Americans make annually, according to a 2016 Harris poll, along with a few tips on how to achieve them.

Eat Healthier

Eating healthier is often tied to weight loss, but it can just as easily stem from a desire to reduce toxins, fuel the body properly, and improve overall health.

The USDA recommends a varied, nutrient-dense diet within reasonable calorie limits. It also suggests reducing added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium intake through food and drink.

They also recommend a healthy eating pattern which includes dark green, red, orange, and starchy vegetables, and legumes, whole fruits and grains, various high-protein foods, and healthy fats and oils.

Save More Money

Basically, the only ways to save more money are to earn more and spend less. Do what you can to reduce spending. Talk to your insurance agent, cellphone provider, internet provider, and cable companies annually. These are all competitive industries and they’ll often offer you discounts or deals, rather than lose a customer.

Track how much you spend on takeout meals and coffee and make these at home instead. Most importantly, set up automatic deposits into a high-return savings account so you never see the money. If you don’t see it, you’re less likely to spend it.

Lose Weight

According to a National Health and Nutrition Examination survey, more than 2 in 3 adults (70.2 percent) in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Too much body weight has links to many diseases and conditions including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and more.

The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) has over 10,000 people in their registry who’ve lost an average of 66 pounds and kept it off. Most said they modified their diet in some way, usually by cutting back their intake. They also increased their physical activity, most commonly by walking. It may take more than one try to find what works for you, but you can lose weight too.

Drink More Water

According to WebMD, water replenishes body fluids, helps control caloric intake, energizes your muscles and hydrates your skin, and flushes your kidneys and bowels. Drink water with snacks and meals and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Pay Down Debt

Write down your monthly income after taxes and subtract all your expenses. Do you have money left over to pay down your debts?

If you have little left, you need to reduce your spending. Consolidating debts doesn’t eliminate it if you continue spending the way you do now. Use a debt reduction spreadsheet or app to track your progress.

More Time With Friends & Family

We live busy lives and time is precious. However, you can schedule your time so you can see friends and family regularly. You can’t be available all the time to everyone, so let them know it’s not okay to text or call day or night, unless it’s important. Otherwise, ask them to demonstrate patience. You will get back to them when you can.

Get Organized

You can learn how to manage your time well so you can do more. Countless online resources exist to help you trim out the unnecessary so you can focus on what you love. MindTools offers free strategies and tools on everything from time management to discovering the value of your time.


Many people want to travel more to explore new cultures, taste new foods, and see amazing, exotic destinations. However, you need a plan to get there. Do research, establish a travel fund, and start dreaming. The dream is the driver that keeps you going.

Remember, travel adventures don’t necessarily mean leaving the country, either. The U.S. offers endless adventures without learning a new language, vaccinations, or a hefty budget.

Read More

Do you have a list of books you’d love to read, but you never seem to get to them? Here are a few tips to help you read more this year.

  • Carry a book with you.
  • Create a special spot to read.
  • Tell everyone how many books you are going to read this year. They’ll help keep you accountable.
  • Move your TV into a more inaccessible location.
  • Don’t feel guilty about ditching a book you don’t like.
  • Read instead of watching the news.
  • Read while you’re waiting for anything!
  • Read 20 pages every morning.
  • Read before you go to sleep.

Improve Relationships

Improving relationships doesn’t necessarily mean spending more time – it means spending quality time. Schedule alone time at least once a week and truly listen to what the other person says. Switch off the cellphone, TV, and internet and connect.

Let the person know you care about them and be polite. A “thank you” goes a long way and don’t be afraid to do something romantic for that special person, too.

Developing a New Year’s action plan is critical for success. You’ll feel less anxiety, focus on your goals, and feel better about you once you achieve them.

Goals must be specific, measurable, and have an end date. For instance, don’t say “I want to save more money this year.” State how much you want to save by the end of the year and figure out how you’ll do it.

Keep goals realistic, but choose a goal that excites you like buying that pair of designer jeans you’ve always wanted when you reach your weight loss goal.

Write down your goals and put them where you can’t miss them so you reinforce the idea daily. You can succeed – Happy New Year!

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