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a homeowner's toolbox

If you want to do the job properly, you need the correct tool. While it’d be nice to have a fully stocked workshop, these 11 tools are homeowner essentials.

Drill, Bits, & Drivers

Almost anytime you want to add something to your home, you’ll need a drill. Hanging a curtain rod, installing a safety chain on the door, or hanging sheetrock in the basement requires a drill and bits.

Ensure you buy a variety of bits and drivers to suit various jobs. Most sets include Philips and flat bits, but you’ll want a set with hex and square heads too. Armed with all options, you’re ready to tackle anything.

Adjustable Crescent Wrench

Homeowners don’t usually need a full set of wrenches, but you’ll want at least a 6 inch and 10 inch to handle most jobs you’ll encounter. The smaller wrench fits in tight spaces, but you’ll want the big one for leverage when you want to remove a tough bolt or nut. Since the jaws of the wrench adjust, the larger wrench also fits larger nuts and bolts.


Buy a high-quality general-purpose 16 to 20-ounce claw hammer for your home. You can choose a fiberglass, graphite or steel handle, but you may not want to buy wood since the handle can break.

A good hammer absorbs vibration, has a good grip and nail claw, and feels balanced in your hand. The hammer face is smooth so it does not mar surfaces.


Most homeowners don’t think of a hacksaw as an essential tool, but if you don’t buy one you’ll need to make an extra trip to the store instead of doing your project.

You’ll need a hacksaw for everything from cutting PVC pipes to lopping off the screws that anchor your new toilet to the floor. You can buy countless blades to fit your saw so you’re able to cut everything from thin plastic to iron.

Tape Measure

A good retractable 25 foot steel tape measure is an absolute must in any home. You’ll need it to measure rooms, windows and doors, wall spaces, and materials.

Whether you’re hanging a picture, contemplating new flooring, or want to know whether the sofa you adore will fit through the front door, you’ll need a sturdy, quality tape measure to find out. Buy a tape measure with a soft case to avoid marring materials if you drop it.

Utility Knife

They’re inexpensive, but indispensable. A good quality retractable utility knife with replaceable blades will open impossible plastic packages, break down boxes, and make fine cuts whenever you need them.

Choose a knife that opens without using a screwdriver and with an ergonomic handle that hits your hand.

Step Ladder or Stool

Today’s stools and ladders fold flat, are lightweight, and get the job done. Don’t stand on a chair or a box. It’s dangerous – thousands of people end up in emergency rooms after falls.

Fiberglass, aluminum ladders, or hybrid are the strongest and lightest, and new ladders have wide steps for increased stability and a tray for tools and materials on top.


You’ll need at least a multi-bit screwdriver in your home, but you may want to buy a set with longer handles. The interchangeable models and your power drill won’t always fit in recessed spaces such as the back of electronics or into a recessed screw in a door.

If you buy cheap screwdrivers you can expect cheap metal and they’re just not worth it. The first time you need to loosen or tighten a screw into a material that offers resistance it will strip the head. Alternatively, some quality manufacturers offer lifetime warranties, ergonomic handles, and rust resistance.


Invest in at least three sets of pliers: adjustable, locking, and needlenose.

Adjustable pliers allow you to manually adjust the jaws to fit the size of the object and they often have wire strippers in the handle, too. Squeeze the handle of locking pliers to hold the object while you bend, pull, or twist it with your other hand. Needlenose pliers are ideal for tight spaces and a favorite for woodworkers or crafters.


Every household should have at least one (preferably more) flashlight. It’s vital for emergencies and whenever you need to peer into dark spaces.

Today’s technology means flashlights are no longer heavy and bulky. You can often fit them in the palm of your hand, they’re very bright, and they’re energy efficient, too. Don’t forget to buy extra batteries.

Proper Insurance Coverage

Insurance is a risk management tool essential to all homes. Whether you need renters insurance or homeowners insurance, you need proper insurance coverage to protect you from future financial losses. Optimal coverage provides this and peace of mind, so discuss your needs with you agent or broker. They work for you and can find affordable solutions and top-notch protection.

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