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A hiking trip with the family can be a fun fall activity, but you need to know what to take with you and what to do before you leave for the trip. Here are 3 hiking safety tips:

  1. 1. Create a Plan3 hiking safety tips
    Plan out your trip before you leave home. Get a map of the area and choose the trails you want to walk on and any sights that you want to see. After you make the plan, stick to it as best as possible. There could be some things on the trail that could cause a detour, but you need to stay on your path as much as possible. This will help if you are in danger and need someone to rescue you who knows where you are.

2. Watch for Animalshiking safe
While you are on trails in the woods, you might see animals that you wouldn’t see at home. These animals are in their natural habitat. You need to respect them, because they are in their home. Some of the animals that you might see are snakes, deer, and even bears. You can purchase spray that will repel animals, but you need to apply it before you enter the woods. Some animals can cause harm, so it’s important not to approach them, even if you think they are friendly.

3. Stay In the Line of Sight

hiking safety
If at all possible, make sure other people can see you. If you are going to a busy park, then there will probably be several other people on the trails and in the area. Wear bright clothing so that you are seen in the woods. Some hunters might be in the area if you aren’t at a park, and they won’t be able to see you if your clothing is the same color as the rest of the foliage. Orange and yellow are good colors to wear when hiking. Try not to stay surrounded by trees any longer than you need to, so that you can be seen in an open area.

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