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With School back in season, we figured it was a good time to refresh an important skill: note taking! Taking notes is important because they provide a detailed summary of the relevant information that was discussed by and instructor or meeting leader. Note taking also helps to reinforce lesson or meeting topics.

Here are 3 techniques can make it easier to take notes.


1. Create Diagrams of Concepts
This technique is good when you are learning abstract concepts or other ideas that are all interrelated. The idea is to create diagrams of the concepts on the page. You can start by writing a core concept and then circling it. You begin to draw lines and arrows leading to other concepts. You can surround your short notes with different shapes like rectangles and triangles to indicate whether they are import ideas or just offhanded notes. This will make it easier to comprehend complex ideas or processes.


2. Split the Page into Two Columns
Another method involves making two columns on the page. The right column is wider and is used for your notes. You take notes using one line at a time. Skip lines when the instructor or meeting leader moves on to a different topic or concept. Use the left column to write down short words or phrases that summarize the small blocks of information on the right hand side. This note taking technique helps you to memorize larger ideas with the short phrases and keywords in the left hand column of the page.

Note Taking tips

3. Make a Chart
A final technique involves making a structured chart on the page with columns and rows. You start with a single column labeled with the name of a concept or topic. You begin filling in the most relevant information in the rows underneath. You create a new column when the topic or concept changes. Although a little complex to use at first, taking notes in a chart can provide a highly organized view of the information presented during a class or meeting.

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