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The colder weather is approaching New England. Don’t worry, we still have a few months left till the freezing weather comes our way! However, it’s important to be prepared should you be stranded in your vehicle.

Snow, cold temperatures, ice, slush & salt play havoc on a vehicle and the road conditions. We have come up with a few items that can be quite helpful for routine driving and unexpected emergency situations.

Blanket- Picture the temp reach below zero and your car has suddenly broke down on the side of the highway. You call a tow, and due to road conditions, they can only reach you in about an hour. It’s freezing!!! Having a blanket in your car will provide an extra layer of warmth until the tow gets to you.  Things To Carry In Your Vehicle

Flashlight- A handheld flashlight provides the necessary illumination for drivers that need to inspect the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Some small flashlights can even be mounted onto key chains and fobs. Having candles as a back-up isn’t a bad idea either.

Jumper Cables- When a car’s battery dies, jumper cables are needed for the boost. Other vehicles that try to provide help to stalled cars might not actually carry any jumper cables. It’s also important to have extra long cables that could be connected between two vehicles. Sometimes, it’s not always possible to bring the hoods of two cars close to each other. Jump starter units are also available for convenient portable use. These units come with tire pressure gauges, air compressor valves, flashlights and 12V charging outlets.

GPS Navigation- In today’s digital world, it’s important for drivers to be connected to satellite based data. GPS navigation devices easily mount on a windshield or dashboard console. If you have a smart phone (depending on if it’s charged or not) you can download via the app store a GPS navigation such as; Google Maps, MapQuest, etc. A GPS navigation system should always be connected to a car’s charger while driving. Without continuous charging, the average battery life of such a device is only a few hours.

White Cloth- A simple piece of white cloth can be used to create visual distress calls for cars stuck on the highway. Additionally, such fabric is also useful for handling oil dip sticks and battery terminals when necessary.

Snacks and Water- We have heard stories of people stranded in their cars and surviving off ketchup packets that have fallen between the seats. Have some protein bars, snack and bottles of water stored in your car so you don’t have to resort to ketchup or the crumbs from your lunch last week.

Some other things to keep in mind- Hand warmers, mini snow shovel, flares and a whistle.

Having a driving emergency is much greater during the winter months than the other three seasons. Having a emergency kit in your car with the above items will keep you prepared should you get stranded. If you have any questions regarding coverage should your car sustain damages from winter-like conditions, give us a call. Visit our website or call us at (401) 723-8510. Drive safely!

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