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Moving into a new home is a very exciting chapter in your life! It’s important to take the time to be excited, jump around a little and enjoy the moving process. Sometimes we get so stressed seeing the house a mess with boxes scattered everywhere, but it’s important to remember a new and exciting journey is about to begin.  Here are some moving tips to keep in mind that will allow the transition to go smoothly:

Start Ahead of Time
If time allows, start packing as soon as possible. This will give you plenty of time to organize everything in boxes and to line up someone to help you move. If you live in a bigger home, you probably have moreiStock_000001223028_Small items than you think you do, and there could be some things that you find in the home that you didn’t even know existed. Unless you have an army of friends helping you, it’s nearly impossible to pack everything by yourself within days of moving. Keep a box of clothes that you will wear while you are in the packing process as well as the essential items that you will need. Nothing worse than looking for your toothbrush and it’s in a box with a million other toiletries.

Sustain Your Energy
It takes a lot of work to move the contents of one home to another. We realize you will want to pack as many boxes as soon as possible; getting them packed and out of the way seems like a brilliant idea. You will get so caught up in filling box after box, and by noon you are about to crash. However, don’t forget to eat during the process. Make a plan. Take the time to prepare sandwiches or a few quick meals that can be placed in the oven. Eating out is an option, but you need to make sure you have the funds in your budget to go out to eat. Use paper plates and plastic eating utensils so that you can go ahead and pack your dishes and glassware. It’s also a good idea to find a few places that will deliver food to the home.

Don’t Make The Boxes Heavy
Unless you have the hulk helping you move boxes, try to keep the weight of the boxes under about 30 pounds each. This will make it easier for only one or two people to move the boxes. It’s also a good way to decrease the risk of items getting damaged. When there are heavy items in the box, the weight of everything inside can put pressure on other boxes that are underneath. Keeping the boxes lighter can also help keep the bottom of the box from falling out.

packing-and-unpackingLabel Everything
Make sure all of the boxes are labeled. This will save time when you go to unpack everything at the new house. You can take each box to its proper room so that you know what needs to be unpacked first and what might be able to wait until the next day.


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