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Cell phones are a part of the culture that will not go away anytime soon. The portability of modern cell phones means that they can show up anywhere from bathrooms to movie theaters and restaurants. You need to be courteous when using the phone.

Here are 4 tips for cell phone etiquette:

cell phone etiquette










  1. 1. Use a Text Message Instead Of Calling

    If you need to inform someone about something while you are out, then use a text message instead of calling. You do not want to annoy and interrupt the people around you by having a loud conversation with someone on your cell phone. A text message can be typed out and sent without any noise at all. It is a much more polite and courteous way to use the cell phone when out in public.

cell phone etiquette

2. Put Off Emotional or Intense Conversations until Later

If you get a call from someone and you know that it is going to be an intense conversation about something emotional, then put it off until later. You do not want to be crying or screaming while in a restaurant, on a busy street or in a storefront. Have the conversation later when you are at home or in a location that is completely private.

cell phone etiquette
3. Turn Off the Audible Ringer

The ringer on your phone is louder than you think. If your phone rings in public, then you are going to irritate and bother everyone within earshot. You want to turn off the audible ringer before you leave the house. You can use the silent vibration alert to let you know when someone is trying to contact you.

cell phone etiquette

4. Use a Headset or Earpiece

A final tip is to use a headset or earpiece when on your cell phone in public. This will reduce the noise that other people hear. A small microphone near your mouth also means that you will be better able to keep your voice down to reasonable levels. A headset or earpiece is a courteous way to use a cell phone.

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