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back to school

Summer is a fun time when kids can get away from school and just play. Returning to the highly structured environment of school is not always easy. If your child is not prepared, then real problems can appear. Getting your kids in the back to school routine requires taking a few steps.

1. Start Adjusting Bedtimes and Wake Up Times
The first step is to start adjusting bedtimes and
wake up times for your children. You want your child to already be acclimated to school hours by the time the first day of class arrives. If you start early enough, then you can change the time in 10 or 15-minute increments each day until the full switch has been made.

2. Keep Your Kids Active During the Day
Your children need to be alert and awake during class. If your child has been spending the summer mostly lounging around or playing video games, then encourage some moderate activity during the day. This will prepare your child to be active at school instead of lethargic. The activity also causes the brain to start working more efficiently so that it will be easier to learn.

back to school3. Enforce Set Mealtimes
The next step is to start enforcing mealtimes. Your kids might have become used to snacking anytime they want during the summer. This can cause problems at school. You want to begin having defined meal times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Have two small snacks in between meals. Do not allow your child to continue eating at any time of the day or night.

4. Create a Designated Homework Area
A final step is to create a designated homeowner area. Clear out a space just for your child. Fill it with books, educational supplies, and furniture for comfort. If your child needs to do anything for school, like fill out a form or assemble a backpack, then do it in this area. This will help reinforce the routine for doing homework after school lets out.

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