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Moving in a new apartment can be very exciting. However, there are several things that you will need to do in order to prepare to move into your new apartment. Below are four tips for new renters:moving

Set A Budget

Before you even start looking for apartments, you should set your budget. It is very important for you to select an apartment that you can afford. Experts recommend that your monthly rent not exceed 30 percent of your income. For example, if you make $2100 per month, then the maximum amount of money that you should be paying for rent per month is $700. When you are making your budget, you should also take all of your other expenses into consideration, such as your electricity, cable, Internet and cell phone bill. When you are looking for an apartment, you also need to find out what will be included in the rent.

Save Up Money Ahead Of Time

There are a lot of expenses that come along with moving into an apartment. You will most likely have to make a security deposit. You will also need to pay to get your utilities connected. That is why you will need to start saving up money ahead of time. If you start saving up money early, then you will have enough to cover the moving expenses.

Visit The Unit

Before you sign the lease, you should visit the unit that you will be renting. Make sure that everything is working correctly. You should also speak with some of the other tenants that are living in the building.

Read The Lease Carefully

You should not sign the lease until you have read it carefully. Make sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions before you sign the lease. You should also obtain a copy of your lease.

Purchase Renters Insurance

You should consider protecting the belongings you currently have. Rhode Island renters insurance can be as little as $15 a month! Renters insurance will cover such belongings like your laptop, jewelry, couch, etc. Renters insurance also provides liability coverage. If someone gets hurt at your apartment, your dog bites someone, or you cause accidental water or fire damage to the building that you are held legally liable, renters insurance liability will protect you.

We hope you enjoy living in your new apartment! If you have any further questions regarding renters insurance give us a call at (401) 723-8510 or visit our website!




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