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Fourth of July is a fun time of year for everyone! It is a time to celebrate our independence, have barbeques and watch fireworks, with your family and friends.  Many people like to set off their own fireworks but don’t realize the dangers associated with the explosives. Here are five fireworks safety tips to make sure your Fourth is fun and bursting with color:fireworks-6

1. Did you know that Sparklers cause many injuries? Even though they are designed to be held, they are just as dangerous as any other firework. Ignited sparklers are hot enough to melt soft metals. To keep kids safe have them hold the sparkler at arm’s length and stay away from others, buildings, trees and bushes. Have a bucket of water to put sparklers in when they go out. If your child says the sparkler is too hot have him or her immediately put the sparkler in a bucket of water.

2. Never allow someone who has been drinking to handle fireworks or sparklers. Choose a designated firework handler who will remain sober and who has the most knowledge about firework safety. If all adults would like to drink it may be safer to go to a public show or watch other fireworks from a distance.

sparkler3. Only light one firework at a time. When the firework goes off, wait a few minutes and spray it with a hose. Place it in a bucket of water when it is cool to touch. If the firework is a dud do not go near it. Spray the firework with water from a distance and then dump a bucket of water on it.

4. Light fireworks on a level, concrete surface to ensure it does not roll when ignited. Point the firework away from cars, homes, and trees. Make sure the audience is twenty feet away. After lighting a firework back away quickly and watch from a distance.

5. If someone is hit with a firework their instinct may be to run. Have them stop, drop and roll. Spray them with a hose or dump a bucket of water on the firework. Immediately take them to a hospital. If the firework hits a house or a tree and starts a fire spray with a hose and call the fire department. Fires can quickly get out of control so even if the fire seems to die down call the fire department anyway.

Since we are a insurance agency, we can’t help but add our two sense into the mix. So here it goes… We don’t condone the use of fireworks. If you plan on setting fireworks off yourself, please make sure your friends, family, and home are safe before lighting the match. When in doubt remember that it’s always best to go to a professional fireworks show (we would prefer you do this!).   Check your local newspaper to find shows in your area! Please keep these safety tips in mind so you can make the most of your 4th of July!

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