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Summer is just around the corner and it is time to get your pool ready for the season.

You want to spend lazy days lounging, dipping in the pool, or chatting with friends – not worrying about safety.

Here are 5 pool safety tips to get you ready for swim season to ensure you and your guests stay safe this summer.

Fence The Area

Both your insurance company and local authorities will likely have pool safety requirements. Since the most obvious risk of a swimming pool is drowning, most require a fence around the pool, and some may require a cover, too. They prevent neighborhood children from accessing the pool unmonitored and can help keep your pets safe, too.

If your insurance company does not know that you’ve installed a pool, make sure that you call your insurance agent so that they can review your homeowner’s insurance policy to make sure that you have the proper coverage in place. They’ll also inform you of any safety measures that need to be put into place.

Keep Children Within Reach

Children can slip and fall into the water, so you need be close enough to pull them out quickly if this happens. Children can drown in as little as 1 inch of water, so you must keep your eyes on them even if they’re just splashing around the shallow end. Ensure young children wear lifejackets.

Almost half the children that drown in pool accidents did not have adult supervision. Children under five should have an adult within arm’s reach at all times, whether they’re in or out of the water.

Learn To Swim

While this one may seem obvious, many adults do not know how to swim. This may not seem like an issue, until someone starts floundering in the pool, gulping water, and clearly needs help.

Anyone can learn to swim and adult lessons are readily available. If you do not swim, have someone nearby who does and make sure that you send your children for lessons. If you must enter the water, wear a lifejacket.

Buy A Pool Safety Buoy

Tossing a buoy out to a drowning person could save their life. Ring buoys with a rope attached allow the panicking person to grab hold so you can pull them back to safety. They’re inexpensive to buy, but can be invaluable in the event of an emergency.

Keep A Phone Nearby

No one knows when an accident will occur, and often speed is of the essence. Make sure to always keep a phone within arms reach, just in case.

You’re on your way to enjoying a carefree summer around the pool. Check your insurance coverage and follows these pool safety tips and you’re sure to enjoy a safe pool season. Keep the area clear or debris and ensure everyone knows the pool rules, especially “No running” and “No Diving.”


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