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grandparent enjoying national grandparents day

You’ve heard of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but did you know that people have honored their grandparents on the first Sunday after Labor Day since 1978?

Fun Facts

  • According to, 72% of grandparents believe that being a grandparent is the single most important role in their life.
  • 2013 US Census Bureau data shows about 7 million grandparents live with a grandchild.
  • According to Statistic Brain, the average age of a grandparent is just 48 years old!
  • Pew Research Center found two-thirds (67%) of people over age 65 have at least four grandchildren.

This year, Grandparents’ Day falls on September 10th, so we want to share 5 great ways to show them you care.

#1 Plan To Visit

According to 2017 Statistical data, 43% of US grandparents live more than 200 miles from their grandchildren. Of course, we all live busy lives and its often difficult to visit, but most people can manage at least once a year if they plan for it.

If you can’t visit, a phone call, or video call if your grandparents are technologically savvy, is always appreciated!

#2 Compile A Family Album

If you cannot meet in-person, then why not put together a grandkids album? Grab your favorite fun, family shots, drop them into a template, add some amusing captions, and print it out.

If you want to get fancy, you can send the file to a photo processing company where they’ll create a finished book or create a video or slideshow they can watch on television any time they want to remember you and the grandkids.

#3 Gift Them Long-Term Care Insurance

Grandparents live longer than ever today. The World Health Organization and Imperial College London predict women will average 83.3 years and men 79.5 by 2030. Unfortunately, this also means many will need long-term care to maintain their quality of life.

If you would like to see your grandparents well attended to, why not consider gifting them long-term care insurance. It ensures they’ll receive the care they need when they needed it most.

Most people want to age at home, but the average monthly cost of home health care is $3,861. Both you and your parents can have peace of mind for the reasonable cost of premiums.

#4 Update Them Regularly

Most grandparents want to part of your life and want to know what’s going on with the grandkids. While you probably can’t keep them updated with every little detail of your day, you can certainly keep them updated when something big happens.

Call them when something new happens in the family, or just to chat once or twice a month. Of course, if you live close to them you can get together for a meal or a game night and tell them everything face-to-face.

Grandparents can become very anxious, worried, or feel neglected if they aren’t part of family discussions, which happens far too often in today’s fast-paced world.

#5 Don’t Assume They’re Not Interested

Some grandparents aren’t good at reaching out, due to technological or other limitations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care or they’re not interested in what’s going on with the family. Always invite them to important events such as graduations, award ceremonies, sporting events, and concerts. Even if they cannot or do not want to attend, it makes them feel special to know they’re worthy of inclusion. Besides, they might surprise you and say, “Yes!”

Showing grandparents they’re important doesn’t need to be complicated. They raised children, enriched lives, and survived many challenges and deserve consideration and respect.

If you’re interested in long-term care insurance to protect their health and future, give us a call. Many of us are parents and grandparents, too.


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