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Insurance is supposed to protect you from the unexpected, but sometimes, that “unexpected” incident is pretty bizarre. Nonetheless, proper insurance coverage can protect you when you face an unfortunate event, even when they’re as crazy as these.

Coconut Claim

It turns out coconuts are more dangerous than you might imagine. Statistically, you’re ten times more likely to die from a falling coconut than a shark attack. Coconuts aren’t always killers, but they can cause serious injuries. A person on holiday in Sri Lanka ended up in hospital after a coconut knocked her out cold, but her travel insurance paid for her hospital costs.

Attacked By A Christmas Tree

Tying a Christmas tree to roof of your car is pretty normal during the holiday season. Unfortunately, one driver felt the effects of another driver’s poorly fastened tree, when it flew off the roof and straight at his car.

The tree struck the hood of his car and the other driver sped away. Luckily, his automobile insurance company paid for the damages.

Quit Monkeying Around!

A couple vacationing in Malaysia suffered a loss when a troop of monkeys stole their clothes, played with them, and then tossed them around the jungle. Even if the claim probably caused a few chuckles in the insurance office, the company still agreed to cover their losses.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

While vacationing in Athens, a British tourist took his eyes off the road when he passed a group of women. He drove straight into a bus shelter, and injured himself so badly he needed hospitalization. Even though it was embarrassing for the driver to file a claim, his insurance company covered his hospital bill.

Feral Camel Attack

A tourist in Australia filed an auto insurance claim stating a feral camel kicked his door. Obviously, no one associates camels with Australia, but it turned out to be true. The man produced video evidence, and the insurance company discovered large populations of feral camels living in Australia, and they’re actually quite a problem. The insurance company paid for the rogue camels’ damage.

Honey, I Shot My Truck

A man with a pickup truck always carried his shotgun loaded with buckshot beside him. He hopped out of the cab, dropped the gun, and it accidentally discharged.

Luckily, the victim was the truck’s cab and not the man. However, the shot destroyed the headliner, seat covers, and the dashboard. Since the driver had comprehensive insurance which provides very broad coverage, the insurance company covered the damages.

Dasher Dashes Dream Car

After years of working hard, a man decided to buy himself a fully-loaded car with an expensive, limited edition paint job. Within 5 miles of the dealership, a deer leapt up onto the hood, “danced” his way across the surface and then onto the roof, and then jumped off the vehicle. Luckily, the man had the right coverage and was fully reimbursed for the extensive damages.

Of course, no one can predict these random events, but you can protect yourself from their effects. Discuss your needs with your insurance agent. Proper insurance coverage ensures you receive compensation when the unexpected happen to you.


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