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8 Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are a fun and festive time. However, for many of us it is also the busiest time of the year. December is filled with Christmas shopping, decorating, and cooking for the holidays. Often, it is during the most hectic times that accidents are more likely to happen. So we have compiled some basic holiday tips to keep you and your family safe and jolly.


Holiday Safety Tips

1. Don’t overload your electrical sockets!
We know you love your Christmas lights…they are very festive and beautiful.  However, decorate with care. Plugging too many cords into a socket can cause overheating which can lead to fires.  Use common sense; never use an appliance with damaged cords and only use 3 pronged cords in 3 pronged outlets.

Holiday Safety Tips

2. If you are leaving home for the holidays, place your lights on a timer.
Having the lights go on and off makes your home less desirable to criminals keeping an eye on the house. They will notice the lights flipping on and off and just assume someone is home.

Holiday Safety Tips3. Use battery operated candles if possible.
Unfortunately, December 23, 24th and 25th are three of the biggest days for home fires caused by candles. Do not leave  burning candles unattended and always be aware of how close their placement is in relation to holiday decorations.

4. Try to only purchase things from secured websites. Holiday Safety Tips
Identity theft can happen, especially during the holiday season when we are all doing a lot of online shopping. If possible, shop on secured websites. If you do not trust the site, try to pay through a paypal account. Also, avoid using your debit card online. Credit cards tend to offer better protetction against unauthorized purchases.  For tips on how to identify if a site is secure, click here.

Holiday Safety Tips5. Don’t post about your travel plans on Social Media.
Advertising an empty home is just asking for trouble. You are alerting a lot of people that you are gone, leaving your home and your valuables vunerable.  It is better to wait until you return home from your vacation to post those adorable pictures of your adventure.Holiday Safety Tips

6. Don’t forget to water your tree.
Dry trees are more likely to ignite than well watered trees. So don’t let your tree get thirsty. The water level should be checked daily. This also prevents needles from falling off.

Holiday Safety Tips7. Lock your car and hide any presents you may leave in your vehicle.
There are criminals who have been caught loitering in parking lots taking packages and shopping bags out of cars. If the car is unlocked, it makes stealing your presents a lot easier for these parking lot bandits.  Criminals know that you are rushing in and out of stores, making it very easy to forget to lock the door or leave your wallet inside the car. So keep your doors locked and keep your bundles in the trunk.

8. Try not to leave packages unattended on your porch. Holiday Safety Tips
Porch pirates are lurking. These nasty criminals drive through neighborhoods stealing deliveries right off your front porch. (Talk about the Grinch!)  If possible, have the packages delivered to your workplace or to a neighbor’s.  Another option is to use the tracking information from your package and try to meet it at the door. The tracking information is usually emailed to you once your purchase has been shipped.

So follow these simple steps and have a safe and happy holiday season!
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