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If you have ever been in an auto accident, you know that time seems to stand still and run extremely fast all at once during and immediately after your crash.  Some things seem like they are in slow motion while others go whizzing by at an incredible rate of speed.  You may be able to pin point the exact moment of impact with lucid detail, but your 10 minute conversation with the police officer is now a blur.

One thing that is constant, though, is the flow of questions in your mind.  One question in particular that everyone seems to wonder is: Is my car totaled?

What does that even mean?  What happens if it is?

The way an insurance company decides if your car is totaled is by comparing the value of your car with the estimated cost to repair it.  If it would cost your insurance company more to safely repair your car than it would for them to buy it, they would rather buy it.  Once your car is deemed totaled, your insurance company will pay you the actual cash value of your car and then sell the car to a salvage operation.

You may not agree with your insurance company’s evaluation.  Of course, every company is different, but you can always disagree with their decision and appeal it using their appeal process.  Talk with your insurance agent to find out what the procedure is with your insurance company.

After an accident, having your car totaled may be the best thing that could happen.  Depending on the accident, the damage to your car can make it unfit to drive safely anymore.  Even repairing it may not bring it back to its fully safe capacity.  The main idea is to keep everyone safe on the roads and avoid any further accidents.