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According to the Coalition against Insurance Fraud, airbag scams have been a concern for years. By stealing airbags or fraudulently reporting airbag deployment, offending auto body and repair shops may have been jeopardizing passenger safety and causing increases in auto insurance premiums. This is one of many things that can affect the cost of RI auto insurance.

According to the Coalition, the cost of insurance fraud in the United States is in the range of $80 billion dollars a year in bogus property and liability insurance claims. The airbag scams can leave you without airbags or with cheap defective fakes that won’t work in the event of an accident.

More information on the types of scams to watch out for can be found at the Coalition site. To ascertain whether this has happened to your own vehicle there are a number of steps you can take. This includes asking a reputable airbag technician to check your airbag, checking that the dashboard light on your car comes on when you start the ignition, and only using reputable body shops for repairs. The Better Business Bureau may be able to provide complaint histories for body shops in the region.

By increasing your awareness of potential insurance scams, you may be able to report suspicious activity and help keep RI auto insurance premiums down in the process. Contact us if you require more information on auto insurance in Rhode Island.