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This month our featured partner was El Paisa.
El Paisa has been serving the community delicious
Columbian food since 1976. Owners, Cesar and Donatila Zuleta, are known for their hospitality and their famous authentic Columbian food.

I decided that the best way to properly blog about a restaurant is to eat there. I will admit I was a little intimated because I had never eaten Columbian food before. However, I was very curious and the pictures on the website were mouthwatering.

Upon arrival, we found the interior simple but clean. The walls are decorated with traditional handmade Columbian art and the music is authentic, making a diner feel as though they are being transported to a restaurant in Columbia.  el paisaWe began our meal with the most amazing margaritas.  Although margaritas are typically a Mexican specialty, El Paisa’s did not disappoint, they were fantastic!

el paisa

For my entrée I ordered a Picada (mixed platter) which had steak tips, creole potatoes and fried yucca.

The steak tips were cooked perfectly. The creole potatoes were mini potatoes that were seasoned well, without being overpowering and spicy.  They literally melted in my mouth. I had no idea what a fried yucca was. When it arrived, I was hesitant to try it, especially after I googled yucca and discovered it was a root. On my plate, it resembled a mozzarella stick but it tasted exactly like a home fry. I started dipping the fried yucca in the chipotle sauce which was absolutely delicious!

el paisa

Janet ordered the Colombian platter. If you are the type of person who enjoys sampling a little bit of everything, this is the plate for you! Her plate had grilled chicken, rice, beans, fried yucca, creole potatoes, fried bacon, round maize bread, sweet fried bananas and salad.  She really enjoyed everything on her plate. The fried bacon was our favorite. It was on a bone and you had to cut it off. absolutely scrumptious! The fried sweet banana was a nice treat that tasted like dessert.

Our meal was absolutely delicious, the portions were huge, and the prices were very reasonable. I would definitely recommend giving El Paisa a try! It really does have an extensive menu, offering everything from cow tongue to chicken fingers, so there is something for everyone, even if you are a picky eater. Expand your horizons, and your taste buds, and head to El Paisa Restaurant!

For more information about El-Paisa visit our Partner’s page by clicking here.
You can also preview their menu on their website.

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