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Camp Ker-Anna held its Annual Bake & Festival this past Sunday, August 2nd in Cumberland, RI.    Thisker-anna2 Bake and Festival is held every year as a fundraiser for the not-for-profit camp.  It is actually the only fundraiser held to benefit the camp. The funds raised help to keep the camp beautiful and affordable for campers.

Camp Ker-Anna promised and delivered a day of old fashioned family fun. There was a delicious cook-out including their famous clam cakes and chowder, as well as hot dogs, hamburgers, and French fries.  The event also included many games including dunk the clown, a 50-50 raffle, skee ball and much more.  Our favorite game was the jail house; for a small fee, you can choose who you want to put in “jail”. The chosen person has to stay inside the “jail” until he earnker-anna3s enough bail money from the festival-goers.  This game was excellent payback for bratty older brothers! The camp’s pool was also open for anyone who wanted a cool dip on such a terribly hot day.

As expected, the event was well attended.  Camp Ker-Anna has such a strong history of generations of family campers who attended camp summer after summer.  Camp Ker-Anna is a touchstone for so many Rhode Islanders.   Ker-Anna brings back fond memories of childhood summers spent on the peaceful camp grounds. There are actually several of us here in the office who attended the camp as children. Who doesn’t remember hiking to Echo Rock and screaming “hello!!!!”? Who hasn’t tipped over their canoe in the lake?

In an effort to be sure the camp continuker-anna4es to make memories for many more generations, we chose Camp Ker-Anna as our Casual Friday charity for the month of July.  We were happy to present them with a $300 donation to benefit the entire camp.

For more information on Camp Ker-Anna, call 401-333-2286 or email
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