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There were roughly 2,628 motor vehicle thefts reported in Rhode Island in 2012. According to the Pawtucket Police Department the numbers are on the rise. Police are warning residents and visitors to protect themselves and their valuables.

In a news release, the Pawtucket Police force stated, “We are encouraging residents to take steps to protect their property and prevent crimes by not presenting crimes of opportunity.”

Ways to prevent auto theft from occurringcar theft

-Keep your car doors locked

-Make sure your windows are fully closed

-Do not leave valuables visible (cell phones, GPS systems, loose change, computers, gifts, iPods, etc.)

-Don’t leave the brackets for your GPS system attached to your windshield; this will provide a hint to the thieve that something valuable is in the car


Ways to prevent home theft from occurring

-Lock all doors and windows

-Leave lights on or install a timer

-Leave a radio on to alert the perpetrator that someone may be home

-If your home is equipped with an alarm system, activate the alarm

316_bAlso, police are also urging residents of Pawtucket to make arrangements with delivery companies to get an approximate time when packages will arrive. It has been reported that large boxes and packages have been stolen when left outside of a home.

Your homeowners insurance, subject to your deductible, will cover any stolen items from your vehicle or home. For instance, your car was broken into and they stole your GPS, loose coins, and your iPod, totaling $600. Your deductible on your homeowner’s policy is $500. Your home insurance company will pay you your total damages, minus your deductible, so you would receive $100 from your insurance company. If they happen to break your windshield in the process of breaking into your car, this will be covered under comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy. As in your home insurance, your auto insurance will pay for the damage to your windshield/auto minus the deductible on your comprehensive coverage.

Loiselle Insurance Agency and the Pawtucket Police Department are urging residents to report suspicious activity. For more information visit the Article in the Valley Breeze Serving Pawtucket.

Should someone break into your vehicle, or you have questions regarding your insurance policies, visit us online or call us at (401)  723-8510.


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