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Auto theft & your RI auto insurance

An auto theft or break-in can be a stressful experience. You may lose valuable personal belongings, or lose the car itself. While your RI auto insurance could provide you with some financial compensation in eligible situations, taking reasonable measures to reduce the risk of an auto-burglary might help you avoid the stressful incident from occurring. These are a few useful tips to get you started.

•    Lock up and activate the alarm. Never be complacent about rolling up the windows and locking your vehicle. Turn the engine off, and fully lock up even when you’re just parking to use an ATM or running a quick errand. Activate the alarm every time.

•    Valuables. Never keep valuables in the car, not even in a locked glove box. Where you have no choice, opt for the trunk instead of visible spaces in the car. Keeping valuables on seats, even covered with a coat or blanket, can be an obvious invitation to thieves.

•    Parking. Choose areas populated with lots of foot or vehicle traffic in which to park. Burglars hate to be seen in action. Where there’s little pedestrian traffic or road traffic, choose brightly lit spots and open spaces. This should help deter thieves.

Avoid complacency by using some of these commonsense strategies. At the same time, don’t neglect speaking to an agent about obtaining an appropriate level of coverage on your RI auto insurance.