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Dehydration occurs far more frequently in the summer because the hot temperatures can dry out your body. Increased perspiration can leave you feeling dizzy and nauseous in a very short amount of time. it is important to understand how to avoid dehydration this summer.

Load Up on Water before Going into the Sun

The first step is to load up on water before going out and into the sun. This means drinking at least 16 dehydration summerounces of water 60 to 90 minutes before leaving. This is important because you are initially going to lose a large amount of water through perspiration as your body adjusts to the hot temperatures and sun. Drink water all the time when you are outside. Drink another 16 ounces of water when you get back inside. This is going to keep you hydrated at all times in the summer.

Avoid the Wrong Drinks

Not all liquids are good for hydrating your body. Some will have the direct opposite effect. You want to avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeine during the summer. Alcohol has a diuretic effect that can 286131360_9326d8deca_oquickly drain a significant amount of water out of your body over time. Caffeine has a similar effect when consumed in large quantities. Drink these beverages in moderation. If you are drinking caffeine or alcohol during the summer, then stay hydrated by sipping water between drinks.

Spend More Time in the Shade

Standing directly in the midday sun is going to cause you to sweat much more than usual. This means you could become dehydrated very quickly, especially if you are exercising or playing sports. Try not to stay in the sun for too long in the summer. You want to stop and take a break every 20 to 30 minutes at least. Get into the shade for a bit and drink some water. This is going to prevent you from becoming dehydrated and possibly encountering serious medical problems.

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