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Sexual harassment can lead to major problems in any business. It is something that cannot be ignored. A single sexual harassment complaint can harm the entire workforce and the brand of the company. Several steps will make it easier for you to avoid sexual harassment complaints in your business.sexualharassment

Develop Firm and Unambiguous Policies
The first step is to develop firm and unambiguous policies about sexual harassment. You want a policy that lays out exactly what is considered harassment. It should state the penalties for harassment. It should also clearly show how employees should report or deal with harassment in the workplace. Give all employees copies of the policy and post the policy in an easily accessible location.

Hold Trainings Regularly
You can avoid complaints by making certain that every employee understands the definition of sexual harassment and the punishments for breaking the rules. You should develop simple trainings that explain sexual harassment policies in detail. The trainings will ensure that everyone knows the rules. They also allow employees to ask questions to clarify exactly what the policies mean. All new employees should go through the training. Existing employees can benefit from refresher trainings every year or two.

Address Potential Issues Right Away
You need to address potential issues and complaints right away. If you notice a situation that could lead to trouble, then deal with the issue immediately. Investigate all complaints. Being proactive about preventing sexual harassment will stop complex situations from escalating to a point where legal action is required.

Keep Communication Channels Open
You want to create an environment where employees feel free to talk about sexual harassment and what is occurring in the workplace. Keep confidential lines of communication open at all times. Respond to all concerns. Allow employees to talk about sexual harassment through emails, phone calls, or in-person meetings. Encouraging communication in the workplace is a very effective way to avoid sexual harassment complaints in business.


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