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Are you an aggressive business owner that wants to show your customers you care? When you have a strong personality, it can sometimes be difficult to show a softer side. However, by relieving your stress and focusing on your clients, you can learn about their perspective. Also, remaining available to your community is crucial, which is why you need the support of business insurance in RI to stay open and protected.

According to The Customer Collective, there are ways you can be persistent when it comes to selling your products while not pushy. Statistics show that 80% of sales people give up after the first “no”, and another 5% after the second “no”. However, what you must keep in mind that the goal is avoid “no” and hear a “yes”. To do so, you need patient persistence and open communication.

The difference between persistence and pushiness has to do with your motivation. Are you pressing for the customer’s benefit or for your own benefit? You can persist by asking open-ended, non-threatening questions that draw out the customer’s concerns. Also, try to understand why they are hesitating and demonstrate empathy by acknowledging these concerns. To do so, you can provide additional evidence and proof that your solution is the correct one for the client.

Caring and focusing on your customers will allow your company to succeed. Having the patience to meet their needs is important to establishing your main goals. At Loiselle Insurance Agency, we also believe you should have business insurance RI trusts for superior protection when the unpredictable arises!

Managing a business takes lots of hard work, energy, time, and money. However, we don’t want you to lose your passion and investment due to an accident. With our policy, you can protect everything you find important. Whether you need workers compensation, commercial property, general liability, and more, we have these options available. Taking the necessary steps with business insurance in RI to secure your company will help you become successful!