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This SundaMisquamicut_Beach,_RI_2010-08-07_2y in Rhode Island we celebrate Governor’s Bay Day. It is the one day every summer that all of the state beaches are free! There is no charge for parking and many fun family activities are happening throughout the day. For a complete list of beaches and activities, click here. We figured this would be the perfect opportunity to remind everyone of a few safety tips to protect yourself and your family from harm.

Identify and Follow All Warning Signs and Flags

The first tip is to identify all warning signs and flags at the beach. Enter the beach from an official access point. Read and understand any signs. Look for flags posted on the beach or lifeguard stations. If the signs explicitly state that you should not go into the water or should remain in a particular area, then follow those instructions. The warning signs and flags are there to ensure your safety on the beach, not to dampen your fun.

4745425727_a9ee9a4a10_oRemember Water and Sunscreen

Two important things to always bring to the beach are water and sunscreen. The sun can be very intense on the beach. You should put on sunscreen before you leave the house. Reapply it every one to three hours to protect your skin against ultraviolet light and severe sunburn. You should also bring along plenty of water for everyone. Keep sipping on the water to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

Never Dive into the Water

You should never dive into the water when at the beach. There could easily be an unseen change in elevation, debris, or rocks in the water where you are diving. If you dive into one osea-beach-holiday-vacationf those hazards, then you could potentially injure your neck or spine. Walk into the water and explore the area before attempting to dive. It is safer just to avoid diving altogether since the conditions under the water could change quickly, creating new hazards. Diving also has the potential put you into contact with dangerous sea life or underwater plants that could cause real injuries.

Don’t forget to have fun, the beach is such a special place in the summer, so relax and enjoy yourself.
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