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It can be difficult to build up your company when you are not confident about your leadership skills. Being a good business owner takes time, dedication, and security. This is why finding a mentor or ways to strengthen your influence over your organization will push you in the right direction. In addition, having business insurance in RI will allow you to protect your future success.

According to The Providence Journal, last Thursday a respected and hardworking businesswoman received an award that established her as a strong leader. Navyn Salem, founder of Providence-based Edesia, was chosen as the 2012 Bryant University New England Businesswoman of the Year at the university’s 15th annual Women’s Summit.

The purpose of this honor is to recognize excellence in leadership by a New England professional woman who is either the founder, president, or CEO of a multimillion-dollar business or organization. In addition, the recipient must be engaged in service projects that improve the lives of others. Edesia was the perfect fit for this award. The organization is a nonprofit producer of ready-to-use foods which prevent malnutrition throughout the world.

At Loiselle Insurance Agency, we are proud to be part of a business community that strives to make the world a better place. We believe that the protection of the local area is important in order for it to remain stable. As the owner of a company, it is important to understand that your customers rely on you for many reasons. Therefore, it is your job to remain secure for them with business insurance RI loves!

Operating and managing a business is tough without the proper protection. But with our affordable policy, you will receive comprehensive security that will cover all aspects of your investment. From workers compensation to general liability to commercial property, and more, you can make sure the risks you face are reduced to nothing. So learn to follow in the steps of great leaders by having business insurance in RI!