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We understand how the title of this post
has multiple interpretations, so if you came here looking for the best Botox
doctors under $500 and Vogue supported tips to make you look like you were just
born again you won’t be finding that here… However, what you will be finding
are ten tips to make you a better human being. Now we’re not saying that your
personality isn’t already exuding radiance so bright angels—and mosquitoes—come
to bask in it, all we want to do is put reflectors around that light so that NASA
thinks it’s picking up signals from another planet. In other words, the key to
being a decent person to be around is to enhance your existing (good) qualities
so you are impossible not to have around.

If you haven’t heard this already, being yourself seems to
help your cause quite a bit.

Listen, your voice is incomparably gorgeous—we’re talking Joleen gorgeous—but only speak when what you have to say is
important. The last thing you want is to have people brushing you off as being
a nonsensical speaker because what comes out of your mouth is as relevant as a
missing speck of dust.

The letters in the word silent and listen are exactly the
same. Silence is golden and listening is key.

Laugh! Your happiness is contagious and it will draw people
to you when they know you’re a good natured person.

For those of you who are kind of shy when it comes to laughing,
a smile is just as great.

Stand straight! Head up! Now walk like Naomi Campbell and
act like you mean business (even if you just need to use the restroom)!

It honestly can be a little awkward when you find it hard to
look people in the eye when you’re talking to them; they begin to lose interest
in what ever it is you have to say because that connection that should have
initially been established never was.

Okay, nothing is ever up to your standards, but do everybody
a favor…stop complaining.

If you don’t think you’re a great person, someone else is
not going to go over there and toot your horn. For example, when you go to an
interview, are you going to portray yourself as the ‘World’s-Worst-Human-Being’
to the interviewer?

Don’t be a hermit, instead, be a butterfly; easy, open, but meaning business.


In the end, you
have spent $0.00 and a single issue of Vogue hasn’t been opened. So if we see
you walking into Loiselle Insurance Agency looking like your striking self with
an even better looking personality, we’ll know what you’ve been reading