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Seeing things on the news in other parts of the country can sometimes spark a bit of fear into us.  After watching the horrific tornado tragedy in Oklahoma last week, people all over the world start wondering about their own safety during storms of that magnitude.  The best thing to do during these types of situations is to use that nervous energy to be proactive.  Taking time to prepare yourself, your family and your employees (if you are a business owner) can alleviate some of the stress you may feel after watching those tragic stories on the news.

Go over your emergency plan or make one if you do not already have one.  You want everyone to be on the same page when it comes to emergency situations.  Don’t be afraid to print up some rules for everyone to follow including evacuation routes, emergency phone numbers, meeting places away from your home or business, locations of any important papers or strong boxes, and any other information you find pertinent.  If you are a business owner, having written guidelines is a must.  Follow through with periodic meetings and drills to be sure everyone knows exactly what to do in emergency situations.

The news can sometimes be a scary thing to watch or listen to.  But using that fear to help better prepare yourself can really make all the difference.  Not only will having the right supplies and information during an emergency be good, but just knowing those things are available can help take the fear and anxiety associated with emergency situations away.  If you need more information about storm prep or what your insurance will cover during a big storm, we would be happy to discuss these things with you. Call us with any questions or concerns about your insurance and your preparations for this year’s stormy season.