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Who doesn’t love a good donut? Luckily, Rhode Island has a huge selection of noteworthy places where you can satisfy your craving.

Check out of few of these known as the best on the island. You may know a few more that we can add to the list. Leave us a comment!


Blue Kangaroo Cafe

328 County Rd

Blue Kangaroo Café isn’t strictly a donut shop, but they do them so well that they made it on our list. Their donuts are fresh-made and yummy, plus they offer specialty items during all the holidays. This includes Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and other themed donuts. Check out their gluten-free options if you can’t eat regular donuts.


Glaze’ n Daze Donuts

39 Greenville Ave.

Glaze’ n Daze Donuts is truly dedicated to the art of making donuts. They prepare their dough from scratch at midnight so they’re ready to roll, cut, cook and dip the same day.

These donuts are light, soft, and oh so fresh. Plus, they offer a broad range of flavors. Favorites include cinnamon twist, peanut butter and jelly, and Boston Kreme. Of course, they also have old standbys such as chocolate sprinkles and glazed.


Ma’s Donuts

78 W Main Rd

Ma’s Donuts has a huge array of donuts that you’re sure to enjoy. Options include chocolate cream, Bavarian, lemon powder, apple spice, French crullers, jelly stick, and apple Dutch, plus over 30 more.

They also make donut holes, donut cakes, and other home-baked items.

North Kingstown

Allie’s Donuts

3661 Quaker Ln.

Allie’s is a hometown bakery which offers everything from classic doughnuts to custom-designed doughnut cakes. They’ve been serving their tasty goods since 1968, and they’re still going strong. Check out their extra-large Big Donuts, available in all your favorite flavors.


DeLuise Bakery

1251 Chalkstone Ave

DeLuise is so sure they have the best donuts on Rhode Island that they’re participating in the February 2022 competition: Best Donuts RI Love Fest.

This is the 6th year of this competition and at least 12 of the participants are offering a free donut with a coupon. Eat your way across Rhode Island and discover whether DeLuise deserves this prestigious title.

They offer twists, Bismarck’s, sugar donuts, and frosted delights that are sure to tickle your tastebuds.

Knead Doughnuts

Multiple Locations

Knead Doughnuts has three locations in Providence for a good reason. They make delicious, gourmet donuts with a soft, fluffy interior. Flavors include cinnamon roll, passion fruit, brown butter pecan, and cranberry corn crumble.

They mix things up, too. Besides classis options, you can also sample daily vegan and flourless donuts. If you want to decorate your own, buy one of their decorating kits which comes with 10 unglazed brioche donuts.


79 Ives St.

PVDonuts are fresh-made every day. They offer brioche, old fashioned classics, cake donuts, crullers, fritters, coffee bread, and vegan and flourless options.

Even though they are a relatively new kid on the block, they’ve received plenty of good press and reviews, so you should definitely check them out.


McDaffa’s Doughnut Cakes

691 Main St.

Technically, McDaffa’s doesn’t make donuts. They make donut cakes. However, these are just a bigger version of a beloved treat, so we had to include them. Plus, they make a box of minis, so that’s pretty much donuts anyway.

All their products are homemade using fresh ingredients. You can either choose from one of their standard offerings, decorate your own, or buy a seasonal donut cake for a special occasion.

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