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children sledding in Rhode Island

We’re fortunate in Rhode Island, because we have many spots to have a little fun and take advantage of the winter weather. Here are some of the best sledding areas in Rhode Island, so grab your sled and check a few out.


RI Country Club

Even though the locals call it “Suicide Hill,” it really has something for everyone. Take the kids so they can speed down one of the smaller hills, or challenge the more demanding runs to test your nerves and skill.

Central Falls

Jenks Park

Rhode Island’s smallest city is home to Jenks Park. It offers several runs including one called “Dexter’s Ledge,” the highest point in the city. You can also cruise the slopes near Cogswell Tower, an 18 foot historic landmark.


Bain Middle School & Cranston West High School

Cranston residents love the snow, and the grounds behind Bain Middle School are the place to be when the white stuff flies. You can also check out the hills at Cranston West High School if you’re in the area.


Diamond Hill

What was once a small ski resort is now the go-to place for sledding in Cumberland. It has five very steep hills, for those who want more of a rush. Some trails are 5 miles long and sledders can reach 30 mph!


Yawgoo Valley

Yawgoo Valley offers snow tubing, but we thought we’d mention it anyway. They charge a fee to rent a tube, but it’s worth it and safe for all ages. The hill has seven well-maintained tracks and it’s very popular, so call beforehand for tickets to avoid disappointment.


Johnston War Memorial Park

The family-friendly hills behind the softball fields at the Johnston War Memorial Park are one of the best places to enjoy some snowy fun. Highway 6A takes you right into the parks and recreation area.


Lincoln Woods

Lincoln Woods State Park offers a variety of hills from beginner to expert. It’s ideal for groups of varying ages as there’s something for everyone. You’ll find the hills off Highway 123, just south of Lincoln.


St. George’s School

The slopes at St George’s School on Purgatory Road are is a very popular spot among Aquidneck Island locals. The hills boast an awesome view of the area and they’re suitable for families.


Fort Adams State Park

The hills above the soccer fields at Fort Adams State Park are very popular for those who want some fast and furious fun. It’s one of the most visited sledding spots on Aquidneck Island.


Daggett Ave Ball Field

The ball fields here offer the ideal landing area from the three slopes above them. You’ll find this popular spot easily and there’s parking nearby.


India Point Park

India Point Park is an ideal sledding spot, because there’s no trees to cause injuries. It’s great for adults and kids, but often very busy.

Neutaconkanut Hill

Neutaconkanut Hill Park offers beautiful vistas of Providence and great hills for sledding. It’s near Johnston Line off Killingly Street. If you want to make a day of it, you can also snowshoe and cross-country ski in the area.

Roger Williams Park

Don’t have a sled, but want to get in on the fun? Roger Williams Park rents sleds for a mere $5 refundable deposit. While several hills exist, the Temple to Music run tends to be the most popular. The park sometimes offers hot chocolate too, so you can warm up between runs.


Silver Spring Golf Course

If you want to enjoy great sledding and tubing, head to Sliver Springs Golf course on Pawtucket Avenue. It’s good for kids, with relatively long, gentle slopes and plenty of room.


Burr’s Hill Park

Burr’s Hill Park is on Water Street, just south of Warren’s Town Beach. This seven and a half acre park offers great downhill thrills. Historically, it was a lookout point so it’s not surprising it also has great views.


Salter Grove Park

Sledding aficionados like this park off Narragansett Avenue. It has parking, fewer crowds, and it’s free of obstacles too. It has a great downhill slope, sure to provide the thrills that sledders seek.

West Greenwich


Residents know the dunes for off-road and ATV use, but in the winter the sand dunes off Route 3 are one of the best places for sledding. It’s ideal since the area’s open and unobstructed. Parents can sit above and watch their kids sled the day away.

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