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people working out in Rhode IslandThe New Year is a time when many people focus on improving their health and losing weight. However, standard gyms aren’t for everyone.

Fortunately, Rhode Island offers many alternatives that take the boredom out of fitness and weight loss. Here are just a few.

Try Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is for almost all ages, but you do need to take an orientation class to understand the basics and safety requirements. This fun activity increases your endurance and muscle mass, and improves flexibility. It can also reduce stress and improve mental prowess, since you need to solve challenges to reach to top.

Rock climbing centers usually offer many boulder problems and rope walls to challenge all experience levels. They also make it easy to participate, since they’re open long hours.

Train With Kettle Bells

Many Rhode Island gyms offer an alternative to traditional weight training – kettle bells. Instead of working isolated muscles, exercises focus on how muscles work with each other as they do in daily life.

Consequently, there’s less chance of injury and a better chance of increasing work capacity, building strength, and burning calories. Plus the simple exercises are plenty of fun and far more challenging than you might expect.

Jump Into Shape

NASA found that trampoline-style exercise sends more oxygen to the cells since it increases G-force. This increase in resistance makes trampoline exercises twice as effective as running, without the stress on your joints.

“Jounce” takes trampoline fitness to another level. It includes short, rapid bursts of energy on a trampoline, while focusing on your core and balance. It’s self-paced and participants only workout to their own limitations.

Jounce is a fun way to increase your energy level, improve circulation, release toxins, build bone mass, burn calories, and reduce cellulite.

Twirl The Girl

Increasing endurance and flexibility, building muscle mass and losing weight doesn’t need to involve drudgery. Why not take a dance class instead?

Rhode Island has many dance studios that can teach you anything from ballroom dancing to the country two-step and everything in between. If you’re looking to meet others, the best part is that you don’t need to have a partner.

Take a Hike

We’re fortunate in Rhode Island since we have so many hiking trails available for all skill levels and in all weather conditions. If you have children, consider one of these winter hikes suitable for the wee ones. Kids can hike, climb hills, watch fishermen, or skip stones across the ice.

Meetup also has a Rhode Island hiking club if you’re looking for inspiration and leadership. If you’re new to the area or don’t know the area’s hiking trails, they organize the events and you meet new friends.

Turn Fitness Upside Down

Pole fitness is a very popular workout for men and women, because it strengthens your core, exerts the heart, tones your body, and burns calories.

It is very upper body intensive, so if you want to tone your abs, chest, biceps and triceps, or shoulders this is for you. Pole fitness also strengthens your back to help reduce injuries and improves balance, coordination, endurance, and flexibility. It is also incredibly fun, so it doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

Raise The Barre

It’s hard not to admire the strength of ballet dancers; however most of us don’t have the time or dedication needed for that level of fitness. However, we can benefit from many of the positions and movements that ballet offers while working out to music in a fun-filled atmosphere.

Barre uses light weights, a ball, and a strap to strengthen your core, legs, arms, and butt in an effective workout. It builds muscle quickly and increased muscle mass burns more calories.

Hula-Hoops Aren’t Just For Kids

Do you remember how much fun it was to play with a hula-hoop? What you probably didn’t realize is that hooping is also incredibly good exercise. It burns visceral fat (dangerous fat that collects around your middle), and it works as many as thirty body muscles.

The American Council on Exercise states hooping burns between 400 and 600 calories per hour, and just 8 minutes a day can help you improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your spine, and increase flexibility. Besides that, it’s fun!

Improving your fitness level and losing excess weight needn’t be a chore. Just explore activities until you find one you enjoy and then incorporate it into your lifestyle. Many require no or little cost or equipment, so get off the couch and make 2019 your healthiest year yet.


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