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beer being poured from the tap at one of Rhode Island's best breweries

Lucky for beer lovers, many of Rhode Island’s breweries are now open for business. Check out a few of these options, but contact them before you visit as hours of operation often vary from what you’ll see posted online, in flyers, and on the door.


Twelve Guns Brewing

549 Metacom Ave.

This taproom features 8 rotating beers and they welcome leashed, well-behaved dogs. While they don’t offer food options, you can visit one of the many food trucks that linger outside. Their most recent addition is the social distancing pale ale and they’re currently closed Mondays and Tuesdays.


Linesider Brewing Co.

1485 South County Trail, Suite 201

This brewery and taproom serves small batch craft beer. Their latest addition is Ruff Haus – Oktoberfest. They’re currently open Thursday through Sunday at the moment, and food trucks frequent nearby areas.


Buttonwoods Brewery

530 Wellington Ave.

Buttonwoods offers outdoor tasting on Saturday and Sunday, by reservation only. They offer pilsner, stout, several IPAs and sours.


Ravenous Brewing Company

10 Industrial Rd.

You’ll need a reservation and they’re limited to 8 people. They’re open Thursday through Sunday and offers IPAs, ales, and stout. Food trucks also frequent the brewery.


Coddington Brewing Co.

210 Coddington Highway

This brewery offers a rotating selection of around 20 beer choices. They also have a full food menu which includes burgers, seafood, chicken and pizza.

Taproot Brewing Co.

909 East Main Rd.

Reservations are required, but well-worth the effort. They offer beer & wine flights, pints, and by the glass options. You can also enjoy a full dining menu.


Newport Craft Brewing

293 JT Connell Hwy.

Parties over 6 need a reservation. All others are on a first-come first-serve basis. They offer bold IPAs, ales, and stouts.


Crooked Current Brewers

560 Mineral Spring Ave.

These guys are open Wednesday through Sunday and offer a wide variety of ales, IPAs, porter and stout. This brewery was founded by two Rhode Island life-long residents!

Smug Brewing

100 Carver Street

This brewery does offer IPA and stout, but they’re best-known for their fruit sours. Try Vamp Blood or Blue Raz to taste how different these brews can be. They’re open Thursday through Sunday.

The Guild

461 Main Street

Guild accepts reservations for parties with six or less people. They offer lager, pale ale, IPA, and a food menu.


Ragged Island Brewing Company

200 Highpoint Ave.

Ragged Island offers a rotating IPA series, sours, and seasonal and specialty beer. These friends are dedicated the craft and create some amazing taste sensation.


Providence Brewing Company

1920 Mineral Spring Avenue, Unit #11

You’ll find their Atrium Beer Garden open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and they recommend reservations for parties of two or four in advance. They offer lager, IPA, porter, and German varieties.

Trinity Brewhouse

186 Fountain Street

Trinity Brewhouse is open for in-person dining inside the Brewhouse and on our newly expanded deck! Reservations are required, and are available on a limited basis right now. The beer garden is open Thursday through Sunday and offers beers, ales, porters, and stouts.


Whalers Brewing Company

1174 Kingstown Rd.

These guys offer IPA, stout, ale, and citrus blends. They’re open every day, except Monday.


Apponaug Brewing

334 Knight Street

Bitter, ales, and IPA – these guys have it all. They also have a pretty extensive food menu. And they’re open Tuesday through Sunday.


Grey Sail Brewing

63 Canal Street

The beer garden is open Thursday through Sunday and offers cream ale, pale ale, Belgium-style wit, stout, and IPAs. 


Shaidzon Beer Company

141 Fairgrounds Rd.

The beer garden is open Friday through Sunday. They offer a varied menu of pale ales, lagers, and IPAs. 

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