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The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reported a 23 percent increase in all questionable claims from 2008 through 2010. The automobile insurance industry had the largest number of those claims, with one of the major culprits being deceptive practices from “windshield bullies.” By learning the difference between the dishonest tactics of these bullies and the safe way to go about fixing legitimate glass damage, you can help protect yourself and crack down on fraud at the same time.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

It could happen at a gas station, car wash or even at your front door! A stranger approaches and points to a tiny spot on the windshield. He/she offers an easy solution to fix the “damage” right then and there for free, and simply needs to verify your insurance information. In reality, this dishonest salesman has little training in windshield repair. Instead, the salesman is trying to take advantage of you by filing a deceptive vehicle glass claim against your insurance policy.

Never allow yourself to be pressured into vehicle glass work.

These bullies will hound you with high-pressure sales pitches. The scammers push you to let them do repairs or replacements on the spot. These aggressive tactics are often used to get you to buy into their fraudulent scheme.

Protect yourself and your personal information.

Any glass work these scammers perform may be unsafe because of the lack of proper training and the use of poor quality glass for replacements. Many times, glass work is not even necessary, and it’s very likely you won’t be able to reach the company later in the event of poor workmanship or warranty issues. Just say “no” to this salesperson and remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. Make sure you don’t give out your insurance information, which includes a lot of personal details that could be used to file a fraudulent claim.

Know how to spot and fix legitimate damage.

Windshields provide important structural support that keeps drivers and passengers safe. Damage up to the size of a dollar bill can often be repaired without having to replace the windshield. Some small chips and pits may not threaten the windshield’s integrity.

When in doubt, contact Loiselle Insurance and we can put you in touch with a qualified glass repair specialist.

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