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Being out on the water seems like a great way to spend Father’s Day, doesn’t it?  Feet up on the railing of the boat…fishing pole in your hand…cold beverage next to you…sounds like any father’s dream.  But before you set sail for the high seas, take some time to go over boat safety.

Be sure that your boat is up on all its maintenance.  That means more than just swabbing the decks before you set out.  Check to make sure the bilge pump is working properly.  See that the battery is charged.  Make sure you have enough fuel to get you to your destination and back.  Basically, be sure that she is seaworthy!

If you are planning on taking on passengers, have enough life jackets to go around.  People who can not swim or children under 13 need to where one at all time when on your boat.  Make sure the life jackets are the correct sizes for your passengers as well.  Not only do you want your passengers to be comfortable when where them, you want the life jackets to be effective if needed.

Also be sure of where you are headed.  It may seem silly, but you should carry a map with you on the boat so you can be sure you are headed in the right direction.  Of course, if you get lost out there do not be afraid to swallow your pride and ask for directions.

It wouldn’t hurt to check on your insurance coverage for the boat either.  If you do not think you have adequate coverage or you think you are paying too much for what you currently have, give us a call.  We can help find you a good comprehensive boat insurance policy to help make all your boating trips much more enjoyable.