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Books; we take them for granted without the slightest thought as to whether there is somebody out there that just longs to hear the comforting flutter of pages turning; that just yearns to say “I’ve read that book and it’s good.” You’re thinking about how casually you say these things, aren’t you? In and out of every day, we may think of those who need food and clothes,

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but we hardly spend the time to consider the children who need books. According to studies, reading increases academic achievement in school, so empowering the future generations with a book would have been like giving Alexander the Great the map of Atlantis. This is the goal of the not-for-profit organization, Books Are Wings—to give books to children, I mean.  

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            On November 14, 2012, Brenda and Rosalynn attended the Books Are Wings Center Open House where people with an interest for the cause gathered to see their new space in the Pawtucket Hope Artiste Village—where the magic of giving books happens—explore how many books have been collected, and speak with the director and president of the board. Books Are Wings was founded in 1998 by Elizabeth M. Dennigan and aspires to give free books to children in hopes of improving literacy. This local Rhode Island organization receives their vast number of books from donations of new and gently used books.

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            Although they sometimes hold private events, the Books Are Wings website displays all of their future events and the locations. To get involved, volunteer at a book party by sorting books, or host a book drive, become a sponsor, or simply donate children’s books. To empower the children is to empower the future.