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12096415_1010694668953207_7384900763249760137_nI love Halloween! I always have. Everything about it makes me happy; the candy, the costumes and especially the spookiness. So, it goes without saying that I love haunted houses; the scarier the better! Every October, I try a different haunted house.  This year, I finally checked out Haunted Hill located inside Diamond Hill Park in Cumberland.

After purchasing  our  tickets and waiting in line, we were asked to board a school bus with a creepy clown and mutated man serving as the bus monitors.  (Great.) The deranged clown took a liking to me and decided to sit with me for part of the bus ride, and he also skipped with me down the aisle off the bus.   (Trust me, I have had worse dates.)


The bus brings you to the middle of a field to the entrace of the haunted house. After entering,  a master of ceremonies wearing a gas mask organizes the groups and sends them off into a path of horrors.  Consisting mostly of tarps and fencing, the path brings you through the park and into many different horrifying situations with creepy characters popping in and out to scream, scare and sometimes just taunt you.

haunted hill_1

Haunted Hill did a great job of creating a variety of spooky scenes from mental aslyums to broken down buses to a room so thick with fog you could not see your hand in front of your face. It also did a great job of attacking whatever fears you may have, from monsters to very tight enclosed spaces to the pitch black path in the woods.  The neatest part of the exhibit, hands down, was the laser display in the woods. The lasers created cool beams of color that were interesting when mixed with the fog.  The laser display was set up right before you entered the fun house…where you were warned by a grown man in a onesie to not wake mother. Creepy!

haunted hill_2

Haunted Hill is not only a fun haunted house but it also benefits a great cause. The entire haunted exhibit is organized by a non-profit group with all of the money benefiting the Town Of Cumberland’s Park and Recreational Youth Programs. The monsters inside the house are all volunteers.  I also suspect that they are younger children, which added to the creepiness because they were all so small. There were times in the haunted house that I couldn’t imagine that the monster propped against the fence was real because it was so small. Then suddenly it started moving and screaming at us!

It is a great event to bring your older children to! Haunted Hill also offers a daytime walk through the maze for smaller children (or adults!) who want to experience it but would be frightened during the evening tours. If you want to check it out, you have 2 days left…Friday night and Saturday Night!
For more information visit their website by clicking here.

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