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Returning home to find that someone (or something) has been in your house is everyBreaking and Entering Animal Style homeowner’s worst nightmare.  Imagine how one local woman felt when she discovered a turkey in her bathroom! Nancy Page, of  Warwick RI, recently returned home to find water pouring through her ceiling. She ran upstairs to find the source of the leak and discovered a turkey perched on her sink! The turkey had flown through the window, and somehow turned the sink on. Animal Control quickly captured the bird and released it back into the wild.

Unfortunately for Nancy,the damage caused by the turkey is not automatically covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies.  In fact most homeowner’s policies do not cover damage caused by birds, vermin, rodents, insects or animals owned or kept by you (a.k.a. household pets). So, the bad news is that Nancy is probably out of luck with the turkey damage.  The good news is that if it had been a black bear instead of a turkey, the damage would likely be covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy.  A black bear?! That’s what Caroline, a  Floridian woman, woke-up to find in her house in the middle of the night! He was over 300 lbs and eating her children’s Easter candy!

breaking and entering animal style (2)Generally, if a wild animal (that is not a bird, vermin, rodent, or insect) causes damage to the structure of a home, the damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance. So for example, if the bear damaged Caroline’s floors and walls while ravaging through her home, she could likely file a claim.  However, if the animal causes damage to personal belongings inside the home, such as furniture or electronics, there is typically no coverage for this.  In addition, animal infestations and damage from animal waste or secretions is usually not covered by standard homeowner’s policies.  As always, there are special endorsements or riders that can be added to policies to provide broader protection and that may give some additional coverage for damage caused by animals.

If animals breaking and entering into your home is a big concern of yours, feel free to give us a call to discuss your policy. We are always here to help. Also, please remember to contact a trained specialist to deal with any type of animals or infestation in your home.

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