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Since Halloween is coming up rather quickly (Is it this week ALREADY?) you may be rushing to the store to pick up some last minute candy for all those trick or treaters who will be undoubtedly knocking on your door. Before you just grab the first bag you find, take a minute to check it out so you don’t waste your money.

If you know the kids in your area, you are probably in tune with allergies and/or things they can or cannot eat. Check the labels of the candy you are buying to make sure you will not accidentally give those allergic kids something they cannot eat. Of course it is up to the kids and their guardians more so than it is up to you what the kids eat, but knowing about an allergy ahead of time will save your candy from being thrown away; hence wasting your money.

Check the packaging of the candy as well. Most parents do not allow their children to eat candy that is not properly sealed by the manufacturer. Even if they know and trust you, those unsealed items will blend in with the rest of the candy in their bags by the end of the night. So those lollipops with the loosely wrapped paper wrappers will most likely end up in the trash once they get home to the trick or treaters’ homes. Stick to sealed bags or bars of candy to spending unnecessarily.

If you are still worried about handing out candy that will ultimately end up in the garbage can, you can always try handing out non-food items like pencils, coloring books or coins. Whatever you decide, just have fun with it this Halloween! Remember to keep your front stoop well lit so that no one gets hurt, too!