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When you go camping, you might think that there will be nothing but woods, animals that bother you,


and nothing to do during your trip. This is far from what camping can be like if you have the proper equipment and know of the fun activities that you can do in the woods.

Staying Clean
While you’re in the woods, you probably want to stay clean. You won’t have the luxury of a shower unless you stay at a campground that has shower stalls, but there are ways that you can keep some of the dirt away. If there are shower stalls, you need to provide your own shampoo and soap. There are shampoos and conditioners that you can use without a lot of water. You can also use baby wipes to help stay clean. There are toothbrushes that you can get that already have a small amount of toothpaste on them. All you need is water from a bottle to brush the teeth.

While you’re in the woods, you will likely come across mosquitoes and other insects that bite. Stay safe while in the woods with the proper tools. If you come across a snake, you can kill it with a large stick or a large knife if you have one. If the snake is poisonous, slowly back away until you see the snake leave. You also need a first-aid kit with bandages, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and sunscreen. It’s also a good idea to pack aloe for sunburns and cream for insect bites.

There is a possibility that swimming in a lake or playing in a creek or hiking will get boring. Pack board games, cards, and other activities to keep everyone busy until you find something else to do on the trip. These are also great ideas for if it rains. Make sure you have a camera to take pictures of your excursion and binoculars to get a look at some of the wildlife that you can’t see up close.

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