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Accidents happen! Whether it is structural damage to your home, totaling your car, or a mishap at your business, unfortunate events can occur when you least expect them. That’s why you have insurance! After you decide to file a claim, what happens next?


Once the claim is filed with your insurance agent, it is reported to your insurance company. The insurance company typically makes initial contact with you within 24-48 hours of the claim being reported.  You will be assigned an adjuster to handle your case. An adjuster is the person who makes the determination on whether or not your policy will apply to this claim and the total amount that may be paid. If you are having any difficulty with your adjuster or have any concerns, please contact us. Although your adjuster can answer any claim-related questions, we, as your insurance agent, are your advocates at the time of your claim and are always here to help.

The adjuster may require additional documentation from you. This may include police reports, receipts, and estimates from contractors or mechanics.  It is important to promptly respond to all of the requests and correspondence from your adjuster. Failure to do so may slow down your claim and delay payment for your loss.  Under normal circumstances, claims are handled quickly, usually within thirty days. However, claims involving liability suits or injuries tend to take longer to settle.  Claims may also be delayed during peak seasons. For example, a claim filed for damage to your roof following a hurricane that wreaked havoc to many may take longer than at other times during the year when less people are affected and fewer claims are filed.

Once the adjuster assesses the amount to pay out for the damage, , a check is issued.  The payment is normally mailed either directly to you or your agent.  In some cases, the insurance company may make arrangements to directly pay a vendor for your damages, such as the garage repairing your vehicle after an accident. If your claim involves damage to a building you own which has a mortgage or a car with a loan, the check you receive will be made payable to you and the bank.  For more information on why the bank’s name would be on the check, click here for our previous blog.

Always remember, we are here to help. One of the most important reasons to do business with Loiselle Insurance Agency is the assistance we provide you with when you have had a loss. Please feel free to call us at any point during the claim process.

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