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On Friday, September 7th, 2012, Loiselle Insurance sponsored the first ever auction of RIRDF (Rhode Island Rare Disease Foundation) at Linden Place in Bristol. The Care for Rare Silent Auction was chaired by a valued client of Loiselle Insurance Agency, Candace Simas—Board Member of RIRDF—of Millers Auto Body in Cumberland.

Rhode Island Rare Disease Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to increase the awareness of rare diseases and to provide the support and information families need while raising money towards research.  The event was thrown way back into the Roaring Twenties where glamorous flappers, music, food, drink, entertainment and, errr-ghm, iPod’s, were a must. What? Don’t remember seeing your grandmother holding an iPod in her old photographs? Well look closer because every guest was given one equipped with a silent auctioning application known as BidPal.

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BidPal allowed live-stream bidding which just made the whole concept of a silent auction so much cooler! 

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With over seventy different item choices ranging from artwork, sports memorabilia, gift certificates, a signed The Who drum pad (English rocker band), and an autographed guitar of the renowned Bruce Springsteen (sang Dancing in the Dark).

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According to attendees, the event had a “Great, fun vibe…” and they “…were impressed with the number of auction items they had considering that it was their first auction.”