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For April, our Casual Friday efforts raised $110, which the agency matched for a total donation of $220 to the Rhode Island Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This charity was selected by our April star of the month, Christina, because animals are near and dear to her heart.

Most people are aware that the RISPCA cares for animals and puts them up for adoption. However, did you know that they are not a city or state shelter that accepts strays? They rehome surrendered pets when people can no longer care for them, but they also do much, much more.

Partner with Pets for Patriots

Pets for Patriots matches suitable animals with military veterans and their families so everyone can share the love. Veterans receive a substantial discount for cat and dog adoptions to show how much we appreciate their service. Plus, every animal enjoys a loving home and the care they deserve.

Rhode Island SPCA Animal Health Center

It can be very difficult to care for pets when times are tough. Luckily, the RISPCA opened a clinic that can help low-income individuals and families pay for spaying, neutering, vaccinations, and dental care.

Emergency Grants

The Marvin Fund provides emergency assistance and wellness care for many animals annually to keep them healthy and happy and with their loving families.

Humane Education

The RISPCA offers two children’s programs to help young kids understand the needs of our furry friends, how to choose a pet that’s right for the home, and where to find suitable animals.

Registration is also open for a 4-week summer camp for children between 8 and 11 years of age. This program provides an excellent opportunity for kids to connect with animals to better understand how to care for them.

Advocating Against Animal Cruelty

The RISPCA actively monitors legislation and animal-related events and advocates for positive change. Unfortunately, many animal-related laws are archaic and need reform and animal cruelty is still a problem. Fortunately, the RISPCA speaks on behalf of pets throughout our state.

Foster Care Program

Many animals need short-term or long-term care before they’re ready for adoption. This may be due to a mild illness, injury, trauma, or pregnancy.

Some animals don’t do well in a shelter. Others need to be socialized before they’re ready for adoption. Kittens and puppies may need bottle feeding. The Rhode Island SPCA Foster Care Program matches animals with volunteers that are willing to provide temporary homes.

It’s Easy to Help

The RISPCA offers many ways to contribute to their worthwhile cause. For instance, you can sponsor a kennel, make a one-time cash donation, contribute on behalf of a loved one, make monthly contributions, buy items on their wish list, or donate every time you shop on Amazon through the Smile Program.

Caring for animals is expensive, so even a small contribution helps. Let’s bring more smiles into more homes and give these animals the love they need.

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