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layla's dream

In March, we chose to donate the funds raised during our casual Fridays to Layla’s Dream LLC. We raised $175 and the company matched the donation for a total donation of $350 for this worthwhile cause.

Layla’s Dream honors the memory of Layla Charette, the daughter of our clients BJ & Alaina Charette. Layla passed away from a sudden illness on February 12th of this year at the tender age of 5.

Layla attended kindergarten at the Community School in Cumberland, RI. She was a creative and imaginative child who left this world far too soon. Her loving, nurturing spirit prompted her parents to start this worthwhile charity to bring joy to others struggling with childhood disease.

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to see your child in a hospital bed with a serious illness. Certainly, parents must remain hopeful and positive, but funds from Layla’s Dream focus on the child. The daily grind of tests, medications, and uncertainty take their toll on them, even though they are often more resilient and playful than expected.

All money raised goes directly towards things to add happiness and fun to these tiny patient’s lives. Layla’s Dream provides toys such as dolls and stuffed animals, as well as books, playdough, and other enjoyable activities to create laughter and enjoyment and brighten their days. They focus on children at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

The Hasbro Children’s Hospital provides a child-friendly atmosphere, but its primary purpose is to heal sick children. They have some of the best pediatric medical professionals in the country and believe in family participation, collaboration, and information sharing and offer expert care. However, Layla’s Dream provides the personal touches so important to young patients during difficult times and vital to the healing process.

Layla’s Dream recently raised $4,200 at a special event hosted at Angelo’s Palace Pizza at Venue 131 in Cumberland. The money benefits many children in similar situations to Layla’s, however; fundraising is an ongoing process as illness, unfortunately, does not take a break.

If you would like to donate to this worthwhile cause, you can do so via their Go Fund Me page. Every donation reflects Layla’s kind, giving disposition and helps other children who need support too. You can also track ongoing efforts on Layla’s Dream Facebook page.


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