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The Loiselle Insurance team at the Miles for Meals walk

In April, we donated the funds raised during our casual Fridays to the Northern RI Food Pantry. We raised $90, and the company matched it for a donation of $180.

Loiselle Insurance was also a corporate sponsor of their 5th annual “Miles for Meals” 5K Walk which took place on Sunday, June 9th this year. The event took place at The Monastery, 1464 Diamond Hill Road Cumberland, RI. Walkers were encouraged to bring 5lbs of food or more to receive a free t-shirt. It was a great community event with many walkers, volunteers, and onlookers.

The Loiselle Insurance team wearing their Larry's Staff shirts

The Loiselle Insurance team wore t-shirts with “Larry’s Staff” printed on them, in honor of their co-worker Larry Rosa, who recently passed away.

The Northern RI Food Pantry provides Rhode Island individuals and families with food and services so they can attain a decent quality of life. Poverty is a growing problem through the U.S., including Rhode Island.Every month, over 700,000 Rhode Island residents don’t have enough money to feed themselves or their family. Many need assistance just to make end meet. They find they either have to choose to pay for medication, housing, or food – a decision no one should have to make

The Northern RI Food Pantry is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization free for anyone to use. Even gainfully employed people sometimes need help, and the NRIFP provides it.

The NRIFP runs on volunteers and serves about 400 people monthly. They rely heavily on private and corporate donations generated from events, like Miles for Meals. Donations help them buy bulk food at discount prices so they can serve more people.

While their fundraising efforts do provide a significant amount of their operating budget, they always need cash donations or monthly pledges for items in high demand. All donations directly benefit individuals and families since the organization is run by volunteers.

If you would like to contribute, consider making a tax deductible donation. Show your philanthropic spirit, help your neighbors, and make Rhode Island a better place to live.


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