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carolina hagerty

Our monthly fundraising efforts for November went to the Siempre Carolina Foundation. Employees raised $200 and the company matched it for a total donation of $400.

The Siempre Carolina Foundation touches the hearts of Loiselle Insurance, because Melanie Loiselle-Mongeon was a friend of Carolina Haggarty and their children went to school together. Carolina lost the battle with cancer at age 41, leaving behind her husband and two sons. However, her foundation lives on to assist others. No person or family should have to endure their battle alone, and this worthwhile non-profit supports them.

Funds raised by Siempre Carolina go towards cancer research at Massachusetts General Hospital, a leader in cancer research, especially in targeted cancer therapies.

Patients suffering from gastrointestinal cancers receive personalized care through the Translational Research Program in the Tucker Gosnell Center for Gastrointestinal Cancers. They tailor medicines specifically to the patient’s needs and strive to develop new, effective treatments to alleviate the discomfort of future patients.

Research takes time and scientists need funds to continue their work. Targeted therapies deliver drugs to treat specific gene mutations and pathways and they offer the most promising advances for cancer patients anyone has seen in the past decade. These therapies help many patients when standard treatments fail. They often provide relief and extend patient life, but at the moment relief is sometimes temporary for patients. Further research and clinical trials could mean therapeutic strategies that work for the long-term.

As drug resistance is an issue in many cancer patients, research also includes experiments which monitor the body’s response to targeted therapies in real-time using actual patients.

The Tucker Gosnell Center for Gastrointestinal Cancers at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center deserves funds. They are highly-experienced and staffed with a multidisciplinary team of gastrointestinal cancer specialists. These doctors treat over 14,000 patients annually.

The hospital assigns a team of specialists who only treat GI cancers. Patients may receive care from highly-specializes gastroenterologists and oncology nurses as well as a host of radiation and imaging specialists and surgeons.

What makes this hospital’s approach so different is that they create a coordinated treatment plan which bridges many disciplines. No two patients receive the same care, because no two people are physically identical, even if they have the same cancer.

By working with the patient and keeping them informed throughout the treatment plan, the patient becomes an active participant in their own healing. The hospital doesn’t just administer drugs; it also provides a range of support services to address the psychological and spiritual needs of the patient, and their family. This is so important, because the families of cancer patients often carry a heavy burden.

Those wishing to donate to this worthwhile cause can do so by visiting the Massachusetts General Hospital fundraising page. The organization hopes to raise $10,000 to assist gastrointestinal cancer patients and their families.


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