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Basically, subrogation is when one party stands in for another. With regards to insurance, your insurance company may step into your shoes as the policyholder in specific circumstances. Your policy contains a subrogation clause which defines the rights of the insurance company. Subrogation usually applies when your insurer seeks compensation from a third party for… Read more »

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Insurance is supposed to protect you from the unexpected, but sometimes, that “unexpected” incident is pretty bizarre. Nonetheless, proper insurance coverage can protect you when you face an unfortunate event, even when they’re as crazy as these. Coconut Claim It turns out coconuts are more dangerous than you might imagine. Statistically, you’re ten times more… Read more »

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Pothole Reimbursement Rhode Island and RI Auto Insurance for Pothole Damage If you have been driving around northern RI lately, particularly in Central Falls, Pawtucket, or Woonsocket, you have probably noticed the major potholes that are seemingly everywhere. As the snow and ice start to melt, they are revealing some less-than-stellar road conditions.  Potholes in… Read more »

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Apparently, earthquakes don’t only happen in California! If you live in eastern Connecticut, chances are that you felt the earth shake over the last two days. That’s because scientists recorded 4 small earthquakes in the area since early Monday morning. If you live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, you’re not too far away, and small… Read more »

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We all love our four-legged friends. After all, they are “man’s best friend”, right? It is often said that dogs are the most loving and loyal animals. However, docile dogs may bite when you have invaded their territory, touched a favorite toy, or when they are defending their puppies, owner or bowl of food. What… Read more »

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You may not realize how important insurance is, until you have a tree sitting in your living room because the wind blew the tree through your roof! (True story…check out the photo that actually happened to one our clients!) When something like that happens, clearly you need some help ASAP. At times like that, you… Read more »

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At Loiselle Insurance, we pride ourselves in giving personalized professional service to our clients. It’s nice to have received this letter from a client located in Lincoln RI after he had the misfortune of having a pipe burst in his home. Thank you for your business and positive feedback Mr. Kapadia! If you are in… Read more »

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How many times have you said to yourself you should learn from your mistakes? Learning from previous car insurance claims is no different. Insurance claims come in all varieties: from damages you don’t really have any control over to those you cause and/or could have prevented. For example, you can’t control a rock flying up… Read more »

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Driving safe is something that insurance companies love their customers to do. It saves the insurance providers a significant amount of money if their insured clients do not ever have accidents. Thus, they tend to favor safe drivers with lower policy premiums and incentives like a disappearing deductible for each year they do not file… Read more »