Motorcycle Insurance

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Since the weather has warmed up, it’s time to break out the motorcycles, boats, and RVs! It’s time for some fun, but it is also important that you enjoy these big toys responsibly. Besides operating them safely, you must also carry adequate insurance. Otherwise, you’re jeopardizing your costly big toys and possibly your financial future…. Read more »

Insurance is something many of us automatically renew without considering whether we need to change our coverage. If you haven’t done an insurance review in a while, it’s a good time to start a new annual habit. Here are five powerful reasons to take a few minutes for an insurance review this year. Unintentional Insurance… Read more »

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Although motorcycles are fun and enjoyable, they are also potentially very dangerous because you are fully exposed to the road and the elements. This means you need to take every precaution to protect yourself. You can benefit from a few tips for motorcycle safety. Always Follow the Law The first tip is always to follow… Read more »

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What is a deductible? Insurance companies and agents sometimes have a bad habit of using insurance terms and assuming that everyone else knows what they mean. One such insurance term is “deductible”. You may have heard the term when you purchased your insurance policy or if you had a claim. So, what exactly is a… Read more »

No, we aren’t referring to a three-ring binder! In the “insurance world”, a binder is temporary proof of insurance, typically used for a short period of time while a policy is pending issuance or a change to a policy is being processed. While a binder is usually a piece of paper, binders can also be… Read more »

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We realize your insurance policy, whether it’s auto, home, motorcycle, boat, or business, can be expensive. However, we have a solution that could put some of that money back into your pocket! How?! The answer is quite simple! Bundle your insurance! You don’t know what bundling is!? At Loiselle Insurance, the term bundling refers to… Read more »

In the midst of your busy everyday life, buying insurance online may seem like the fastest option. However, not dealing with an insurance agent can be a big mistake. Proper insurance coverage is essential for helping you protect what matters most, while settling for any ordinary generic policy could cost you in the future. Finding… Read more »