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The Federal Emergency Management Agency requires all improved or new buildings in flood-prone areas to have proper elevation. They use elevation certificates to determine whether or not your property is susceptible to flooding. Rhode Island Flood Insurance Addendum Since 2013, every condo and home being sold on Rhode Island must include a flood insurance addendum… Read more »

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Hitting a deer can be traumatic and it happens frequently. According to State Farm, Rhode Island drivers over the past year had a 1 in 127 chance of striking an animal. Risk increases at dusk and dawn and during deer mating season. Deer collisions are also costly. RI.gov states “the average collision can cost between… Read more »

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Nothing beats the heat better than a cold cup of iced coffee. Luckily, Rhode Island offers many coffee venues that serve up some of the best. Plus, it is a great way to support businesses. Enjoy your brew! Cranston Beans and Buns This place is known for their tasty edibles, but they also offer a… Read more »

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It’s getting hotter and that means it is pool time! That’s great – you can cool down, get exercise, and have a little fun. However, a pool also comes with responsibilities. Luckily, it is simple to keep your pool safe and enjoyable. Just follow this pool safety refresher and enjoy the soothing water. Secure the… Read more »

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Automatically assuming your Rhode Island auto insurance covers off-roading can be a costly mistake. Your policy may cover some incidents, or none at all. This is because auto insurance is meant to cover normal use. How Do Insurers Define “Normal Use”? Normal use is a very broad term that can cause problems if you ever… Read more »

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Motorcycle insurance should protect you and your bike well. However, many myths surround this product. Consequently, we’re providing you with the facts and debunking untruths so you can make an informed decision. Myth #1 – The Color of Your Bike Affects Cost Sorry, no. Color isn’t one of the factors insurance carriers look at when… Read more »

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Having a young driver on your Rhode Island auto insurance policy usually means you pay more. Consequently, when it is time for your child to start college you many wonder whether you should take them off your insurance policy, or not. Regrettably, there’s no clear-cut answer to this question. It depends on personal circumstances. However,… Read more »

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Getting married is exciting, but it is also a busy time. Consequently, few people think about their insurance needs when they already have so much on their plate. Nonetheless, once the honeymoon is over you definitely need to review your insurance coverage. Here’s 4 powerful reasons why it is so important. Your Coverage Needs Will… Read more »

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As we move from spring towards summer, it’s time for graduation and engagement parties and weddings. These celebrations should be fun and worry-free, but they also increase liability risk. This is especially true if you serve alcohol, particularly in the presence of minors. Understand Social Hosting Law Rhode Island law does not permit underage alcohol… Read more »