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a family celebrating national grandparents dayWe have 56 million grandparents in the U.S. and they deserve recognition for their accomplishments and wisdom. This year Grandparent’s Day is on September 9 and it’s the ideal time to show our elders we appreciate them. Here are just a few ideas to help you celebrate your grandparents.

Ask Them To Tell You A Story

Everyone has stories from their past and your grandparent probably has many. Ask them to tell you about where they grew up, their closest childhood friend, or about their school. You may want to record the conversation for prosperity.

Coax them for information until your understand what makes the memory so special. It’s not about the details, but the feelings the memory stirs up. Listen carefully and encourage them to share.

Create a Family Tree

Today’s free apps make it simple to print a genealogical chart so you can start to fill in the blanks. Start with the youngest in the family and then work your way up. Have your grandparent contribute as much information as possible and add a photo of each person if you have them too.

Cook or Bake Together

Most families enjoy recipes passed down from their parents or grandparents. Did grandma bake the best bread until she could no longer do it? Is there a cultural dish you remember from family celebrations? Even if you don’t have a recipe that’s special to your family, you can choose one and make it together.

Create a Time Capsule

This is an activity for all ages. Ask everyone to pick one item they’d like to contribute to a family time capsule. It could be a photo, toy, souvenir, or letter. Place all the items in a tin and seal it with duct tape.

Either make a picnic lunch and drive to a special spot, or simply bury the tin in the backyard. Be certain to set a date to revisit the time capsule too.

Play a Game Together

It doesn’t matter if you choose a board game, put together a puzzle, play cards, or play musical chairs. The point is to get together and have some fun. Serve a few snacks and drinks to add to the festivities and laugh.

Ask Them To Teach You

Your grandparents probably have more skills than you realize. Even if they don’t have the mobility they once did, they can coach you as you learn a new skill. It might be sewing, fishing, or putting together a model. Let them know how much you appreciate their talents and show them you’re eager to learn.

Create a Playlist

Do a little research to discover the most popular songs when your grandparents were teens or in their twenties. Compile a playlist with a variety of quiet and lively tunes. If they’re spry enough, you might even be able to get them up for a dance or two.

Share a Movie

Ask your grandparent to tell you which movie is their all-time favorite. Rent it and watch it with them and then discuss it later. They might have a few stories to go with the movie, so spend quality time and listen. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Planning a road trip to visit your grandparents? Check with your insurance agent to ensure you have adequate auto insurance coverage, first. We want everyone to arrive safely, no matter where you decide to go on Grandparent’s Day.


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